SEM is proud to be the exclusive distributor for PipeSak™ and Tuff-N-Nuff™ in Canada - the most      innovative products for buoyancy control and pipe protection on the market today.
Tuff-N-Nuff™ Rock Shield is a non-woven, flexible PVC material that protects pipe coatings from direct impact during backfilling operations. It also provides long-term protection of the pipe by keeping hard objects in the backfill away from the pipe coating during operation of the line.
Features :
  • Can withstand temperatures of 350ºF
  • Tear strength of 15 lb./inch
  • Does not inhibit cathodic protection
  • Choose from pads or rolls
PipeSak is a soft buoyancy control that allows the pipeline to move slightly while maintaining negative buoyancy. All this, while at the same time protecting the pipe’s coating. Concerned about ground water and cathodic protection? PipeSak is made of a woven fabric that is as permeable as the ballast used to fill it.
  • Non-biodegradable
  • No dewatering and no extra trench depth required
  • Conforms to most trench bottoms
  • Easily filled on site
  • Short lead time needed – shipped within days
  • Will not tip and conforms closely to pipe
  • Low cost
  • Does not impede cathodic protection
  • Easy and inexpensive to transport
  • Environmentally friendly versus concrete weights
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