• Non-woven, flexible PVC material that protects pipe coatings from direct impact during backfilling operations.
  • Allows water to drain away.
  • Keeps hard objects away form the pipe coating
    during operation of the line.
  • Makes cathodic testing effective.
  • Cans withstand temperatures of 350°F (414°C).
  • Tear strength of 15 lb./inch.
  • Does not inhibit cathodic protection.
  • Choose from pads or rolls.

  • Designed for use where bond to the anticorrosion coating is not required.
  • Used as a rockshield over recoated pipe and applied in a cigarette wrap fashion using renwrap tie-down tape .
  • Cab be applied in temperatures as low as – 30°F (-34°C) or as high as 160°F (71°C).

  • Heat-shrinkable wraparound sleeves designed for corrosion protection of girthwelds on buried pipelines.
  • Easy installation – the sleeve is wrapped around clean preheated pipe and a flexible closure forms the sleeve into a tube; the sleeve is the torch-shrunk around the pipe .
  • Compatible with all standard pipe coating and outer jackets.
  • Coating Repair Patch
  • Repair systems for damaged mill-applied PE coating.
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