• Cuts precision bevels on thin or heavy wall pipe ends to prepare the joint for welding.
  • Hydraulically driven, it uses a positive gear driven feed in order to produce perfect bevels and or counter bores with any bevel arrangement.
  • Available for pipe sizes 16"- 60" (406.4 mm – 1524 mm)
  • Machine counter bores or transition tapers to join pipes of different.
    wall thickness.
  • Handles up to 4 tool holder assemblies
  • Power sources can be supplied in diesel or
    electric over hydraulic.

    Expander Section

    » Two interconnected expander units that
       utilize a hydraulic cylinder for expansion and retraction
    » When expanded. The shoes lock the machine into the pipe and bring the pipe into    roundness for the beveling process.
  • Rotary Cutting Head

    » Consists of a gear driven cutter wheel with three major tool holders attached ( a tool    following wheel, a tool assembly and a tool actuating spring).
    » Rotary cutting head is moved towards the pipe to create an accurate bevel.
    » A hydraulic motor rotates the cutting head via a pinion and ring gear.
  • Power source can be provided in diesel or electric over
    hydraulic to run the end preparation machine.


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