• Foam and polyurethane internal pipeline cleaners – excellent for drying, wiping and scraping the inside of the pipeline.
  • Can be custom made in sizes up to 72” (1829 mm) diameter.
  • Available in Soft Density, Medium/Hard Density, Heavy Duty or Heavy Clearing .
  • Cab be custom made with a variety of coatings (fully coated, criss cross or bare), scraping brushes (stainless steel or silicon carbide) or cavity style (pig tracker sensor).
steel body construction pigs
  • Can be ordered with urethane scraper cups, rubber discs (bi-directional), gauging and wire brushes.

            » Maxi Cup and Disc Pigs

  • Flexible, expandable and compressible.
  • Manufactured from the highest quality polyurethane.
  • Very durable and tear resistant – makes a super seal.
  • Safe in extreme hot and cold temperatures.
  • Used for pigging, dewatering, hydro-static testing, batching, removing paraffin wax .
  • Comes in various lengths depending on the number of discs and/or cups required.
  • For regular, long, heavy and heaviest scraping, wiping or drying.
  • Maxi-Brush for maximum scraping and Maxi-Brush Light wire for long range cleaning up to 2000 miles.
  • Foram and polyurethane balls for internal pipeline cleaning in a variety of sizes.
  • No need for hydraulic pumps or inflation.
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